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Machining of volute studs: SMEPI's expertise

Volute studs have a critical function and an important role in mechanical systems in industrial environments. This mechanical member makes it possible to achieve a complete and secure connection between several parts and its manufacture must be entrusted to an expert. SMEPI is responsible for producing your specific stud and screw models.

Buy from a real specialist

The stud is a mechanical fastening part which is locked with a nut. The choice of a stud depends in particular on the nature of the materials to be fixed or assembled, as well as the stresses to be undergone in the context of use.

The choice of a stud for industrial use takes many parameters into account. First, it is necessary to precisely define the application for which this part is intended. In fact, the stresses to which these fasteners are subjected make it necessary to determine with precision the type of thread suitable.

In addition, the material is of paramount importance. Electro-galvanized steel studs are frequently found on the market, they provide little protection against salt spray. Good steel should provide resistance and resilience to deformation and corrosion.

The machining of the stud is also essential for the final quality, this varying according to whether its thread is formed by the process of bar turning which cuts the fibers of the metal or cold forged, without removing the material. Studs, once installed, become an integral part of the assembly and should not loosen or cause problems in service.

The reliability of the volute stud is essential especially on mechanical systems used in difficult environments. Indeed, in these cases, the room can be subjected to all kinds of stresses such as high or very low temperatures, chemicals, constant humidity, etc. Furthermore, when it is intended for machines and systems used in the energy, chemical or even nuclear sectors, reliability is all the more important given that the safety of operators and The environment must be guaranteed at these sites, a loose or loose stud can cause ecological disaster.

Whatever your field of specialty, it is therefore recommended to purchase your volute studs from a specialist in order to ensure quality and performance, but also longevity. SMEPI is a reference address for purchasing these parts.

Custom volute studs

Studs come in different designs and lend themselves to many uses, depending on their shapes and sizes. Generally used to link two or more mechanical parts, the studs can be screwed, welded, riveted or as an insert (in plastics, in particular). The "expansion" models are distinguished by their conical end which is covered with a strapping.

For its part, the volute stud is one of the expanding parts used in particular to embed a resistant fixing point in a wall made of dense granular materials such as concrete slabs, stone or solid brick. To produce your parts, our team strictly conforms to your plans and specifications to ensure that your studs fully meet your requirements. In addition to that, concerned about the excellence of our achievements, we place the emphasis on respecting quality standards.

The choice of materials and technologies is made according to the specifics of your needs. Moreover, we support you in the design of your parts and, if necessary, we offer technical solutions to obtain an optimal result.

SMEPI, an expert in high precision mechanics

With ten years of experience, our team has won the trust of demanding customers thanks to its know-how and responsiveness. Indeed, having specific skills in deep drilling, rolled threading and electroerosion, we are the privileged partner of large groups such as Alstom, EDF, SNCF, Rhodia and Areva. This is because our area of expertise extends to various precision sectors such as transport (automotive, aeronautics or rail), nuclear and energy.

Subject to rigorous controls, the machined parts offer high resistance to mechanical and environmental stresses. In addition, as we integrate the entire production chain, we can guarantee a quality of finish that meets your expectations.

In addition to volute studs , we can produce all types of custom studs and screws as well as safety and wear parts, tumbler ball joints and bar turning parts.

Our services

In the field of precision mechanics, in particular in the machining of mechanical components, whatever their dimensions and formats, SMEPI is the essential service provider to whom you can contact. In the precision machining sector, we have more than a decade, we are recognized throughout France. Our achievements equip a large number of firms with very diverse technological needs including: nuclear power, chemicals, special machines, petrochemicals, transport, energy, etc. Our machining company trusts a competent and experienced team and has a large reserve of raw materials in order to meet your quality and deadline constraints. In order to provide the answer best suited to your needs, SMEPI offers you complete support including: study, choice of materials to be used, machining, prototyping, assembly, heat and surface treatment ... and finally, severe control pieces.

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