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SMEPI, taper thread stud manufacturer

Taper thread stud machining should be left to a specialist in order to meet the performance requirements demanded by high-tech industry. Specialized in specific bolts, SMEPI ensures the production in small and medium series of your mechanical parts, studs, screws, wear and safety parts.

Why call on an expert?

When fabricating a tapered thread stud , there are several things to consider to ensure the performance and reliability of the finished product. It is useful to remember that, in the majority of cases, this type of stud is used in sensitive sectors where safety and precision are essential, in particular in high-tech industries such as energy, nuclear, chemicals or manufacturing. petrochemicals, aeronautics, etc. It is therefore essential, for the safety of operators and the environment, but also to ensure the proper functioning of production machines;  these parts are manufactured for a perfect adaptation to the harsh conditions of use for which they are intended.

The manufacture of studs follows precise specifications which define, among other characteristics, the shape, the thread, the quality class and the standard. The thread pitch is the distance in hundredths of a millimeter between two threads. The determination of the pitch depends on the specific thread standard - NPT, ISO, BSPT, etc.

Unlike cylindrical threads, conical threads, sometimes referred to as dynamic, are designed to form a perfectly tight seal between the sides of the male and female threads. It is necessary to fill the spaces between the bottoms and the tops with thread sealant or sealing tape to prevent leakage of system fluid at the connections.

By contacting a specialist, you can count on a professional to assist you in the design of your studs. He is able to recommend the type of metal or alloy suitable for the requirements of your trade and choose the appropriate manufacturing methods and final treatment to optimize the performance of your parts.

SMEPI, leading company in security parts

The manufacture of parts for industrial machines requires particular precision. This singularity is important for safety parts which are subjected to extreme stresses during their use. At SMEPI, we specialize in manufacturing safety and wear parts that are both robust and durable.

Products manufactured in our factories can withstand all kinds of stress, ranging from temperature extremes to corrosion and abrasion. Their design is made to measure, according to the plans and specifications of our customers. At SMEPI, we use our 10 years of know-how, mainly in the fields of rolled threading, deep drilling and spark erosion.

Our services fully cover all stages of your project. From the preliminary study to the creation of prototypes, without forgetting the production of the parts as well as their assembly, we accompany you throughout your journey. In the field of studs, we notably manufacture studs with tapered threads .

SMEPI's Taper Thread Studs

SMEPI also manufactures stud parts. Our realizations are available in several variants, whether it is the different thread standards or other special characteristics. We manufacture taper thread studs suitable for gas or other fluid installations. Indeed, their unique thread gives them a foolproof seal.

Our tapered thread studs undergo an extensive series of tests before delivery. To better satisfy you, the delivery of parts can also be done on a timed basis, to have at each stage of your project the parts you really need, this to avoid clutter and clutter. As a guarantee of their efficiency, our tapered thread studs have been chosen by major French industries such as EDF and AREVA, for the manufacture of their installations.

In addition to the studs, we can also ensure the precision machining of your CHC screws (cylindrical, countersunk), fully or partially threaded hexagon head screws, bolts, nuts, locknuts, washers and threaded rods (male component of a screw / nut system intended for the assembly of parts or the transformation of movement).

For more information about our services or to entrust us with a project, you can contact us by calling us. You also have the option of going directly to our head office.

Zoom on SMEPI

In terms of precision industrial mechanics, in particular in the machining of mechanical components, whatever their dimensions and formats, SMEPI is the best one to contact. In precision machining, we capitalize on more than ten years of experience, we are recognized nationally. Our achievements are recommended by professionals with extremely numerous technological issues including: nuclear power, special machines, petrochemicals, energy, transport, chemicals, etc. Our machining company relies on a highly qualified team and has a large stock of materials to ensure the quality of achievements and respect for deadlines. In order to guarantee your satisfaction, SMEPI provides you with complete support including prototyping, production, assembly, selection of raw materials, heat and surface treatment ... and finally, a strict verification of your parts.

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