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Rolled threading: why call on a specialized company?

The machining of parts subject to strong mechanical or environmental constraints requires real technical know-how as well as a suitable machine park. Rolled threading , a process for cold deformation of material without chip removal, is part of SMEPI's range of expertise for machining precision parts. We are a human-sized company specializing in precision industrial mechanics.

Some Advantages of Rolled Thread

Also called rolling threading, rolled threading consists of producing precision threading by cold deformation of the material. This process is applicable to almost all standard or special threads: from cylindrical or conical threads to trapezoidal profiles, to cylindrical threads for wood screws, including sawtooth ones.

Unlike the cut thread, which involves tearing of material, the rolled thread does not produce any chips and the material fibers are not cut, but deformed. This peculiarity of the rolled netting results in better tensile strength, but also lower material costs.


Rolled threading is one of the many processes for machining precision parts. This technique requires efficient handling of specific tools such as knurling wheels to machine the parts. The latter, which are in the cold state, are pushed back to the base of the threading tools until the predefined shape and size are obtained. For particular applications (tubes, hollow bodies), it is possible to use 3 or more wheels, which are then placed around the workpiece. This method combines precision, timing and better mechanical characteristics.


 For the industrial environment, rolled threading offers many advantages.

  • Optimization of mechanical performance;

  • An excellent degree of roughness on the radius at the root of the thread and on the sides of the thread;

  • A total absence of chips;

  • Saving time and material;

  • The material fibers are neither cut nor broken;

  • Considerable improvement in the strength of parts due to cold deformation;

  • Great precision on the sides;

  • Precise and perfect sizing;

  • Increased fatigue resistance

  • Gain in hardness and resistance to breakage


Rolled threading, why resort to a specialist?

The creation of mechanical parts from the rolled threading process is a delicate and extremely complex operation. However, the equipment and devices for which these components are intended play an essential role in the industrial environment, in particular high-tech sectors such as the automobile, aeronautics, chemicals, petrochemicals, nuclear or even energy. They must therefore remain efficient and functional.

The quality and efficiency of the precision parts that compose them must also be optimal to avoid accidents on the one hand, and optimize productivity on the other hand. The technical, mechanical and chemical characteristics of the materials used for manufacturing must also be perfectly suited to the severe constraints to which they will be subjected.

For all these reasons, it is strongly recommended to call on a qualified and experienced service provider to take care of these different tasks. Not only does this allow you to benefit from the expertise of a professional for the design of your parts, but also to have a guarantee of quality of the finished products.


An extended service at SMEPI

During its 10 years of existence, SMEPI has forged a solid reputation in the field of precision industrial mechanics. Indeed, we have developed recognized know-how, in particular thanks to a qualified and experienced team. We operate mainly in three specific areas, including rolled threading , deep drilling as well as spark erosion and our solutions are aimed at many sectors of activity such as aerospace, aeronautics, electronics, nuclear, medical, household appliances, construction ...

Regarding our services, we take care of the study of your project, assembly, production, control of your parts as well as the supply of raw materials. In order to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers by providing them with quality products, we comply with the specifications and the standards in force and we guarantee them a great reactivity in order to meet urgent needs such as troubleshooting or repair of parts. broken. Thanks to the quality of our achievements, we have been able to forge partnerships with major accounts such as SNCF, EDF or Rhodia. In addition, we offer you the production of prototypes of the products of your choice.

Why choose SMEPI?

In everything related to precision machining, we have more than a decade of presence, we are recognized throughout France. In the field of precision mechanics, especially in the machining of large, medium and small mechanical parts and formats, SMEPI is the essential service provider to trust. Our achievements equip a large number of firms with extremely diverse technological needs in particular: chemistry, petrochemicals, special machines, transport, energy, nuclear ... SMEPI has all the necessary resources to assist you throughout of your project including: study, prototyping, selection of raw materials, heat and surface treatment, production, assembly ... and finally, strict control of your parts. We rely on a highly qualified team and a large reserve of raw materials always available to offer you the quality of achievements, speed and respect for deadlines.

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