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SMEPI designs glove fingers that comply with standards

Standardized mechanical parts produced by SMEPI guarantee you better safety of use. In fact, we follow the code RCC-M for projects thermowell, which guarantees the quality of our products. It is in fact the law governing the industrial manufacture of mechanical parts such as screws, nuts, pins, thermowells… the aim being to promote quality.     

SMEPI and the RCC-M standard

The RCC-M standard is not a simple matter of formality for manufacturers, it is a safety index applied following feedback. For example, according to observations, the lack of resistance of the glove fingers often leads to premature malfunctions of the temperature sensors. In this context, the RCC-M applying to the machining of the thimble, was established in order to submit all the mechanical components to performance tests.

And since SMEPI is a formal organization, all of our mechanical products are subject to this rule. Moreover, we aim for quality, and our parts must meet the expectations of our customers. As we are active in sensitive areas including nuclear and aeronautics, we have no room for error. Our main goal is to provide all our customers with reliable products. This is why, until today, we have maintained a relationship of trust with several of our clients for more than ten years.   

Why do you need to use thermowells that meet RCC-M standards?

Temperature sensors can be damaged by flow, corrosion, abrasion, temperature, pressure and turbulence, whether mechanical, bimetallic, gas, or electrical such as thermocouples or temperature sensors. resistance. If this device is damaged, it could cause serious safety problems for workers.

Thermowells are thus used in the nuclear and industrial fields to serve as a protective barrier between the temperature sensors and the treatment medium. The thermometer is protected inside it from extreme hot or cold temperatures, but also from corrosive or abrasive environments. Refinery industries and petrochemical and chemical plants are the ones most often in need of these parts.

The use of thermowells designed according to RCC-M standards also offers other advantages, namely easier maintenance and reduced operating costs. If you need to remove or replace a thermometer, the sleeve remains in the piping system while the thermometer is serviced. Operations can continue, there is no need to suspend operations.

There are different types of thermowell:

  • mechanically welded models (screw or weld), these are machined from a tube with a mechanical welded closure at its end.

  • massive models fashioned from a bar


The variants also differ in their design: with thread, with weld-on cones, flange connection, etc. In addition, thermowells can be made with various materials depending on processing constraints and customer specifications.

In all cases, specialists in safety parts subject to the most severe constraints, such as SMEP Industries, exclusively produce thermowells that comply with RCC-M standards; they provide optimum protection for temperature sensors.

Who are we ?

Company established fifteen years ago, we specialize in the production of any wear and safety part as well as specific mechanical assemblies or sub-assemblies, according to the customer's plans or specifications. Today, we have recognized expertise in 3 areas: rolled threading, deep drilling and spark erosion.

As professionals, we offer our customers a complete service ranging from the feasibility study of your order, through the production of prototypes, the production of parts and their assembly. We also provide thermal and surface treatments. This approach allows us to guarantee the quality of our achievements as well as relatively short manufacturing times. Our team can even respond to urgent needs (repair, broken part) by scrupulously respecting the deadlines indicated on the order forms. It is also possible to deliver your parts by schedule, according to the needs of your activity.

All this has earned us the confidence of many industrialists working in demanding sectors such as nuclear, petrochemicals and energy. In all cases, we will do everything in our power to ensure the success of the project entrusted to us: compliance with the specifications, monitoring of the specifications mentioned, and strict observance of the standards.


Why choose SMEPI?

In the field of precision machining, we capitalize on ten years of experience thus, we enjoy an excellent reputation on a national scale. In the field of precision mechanics, in particular in the machining of mechanical components, whatever their size or format, SMEPI is the essential service provider capable of ensuring the design of your elements. Our machined components are aimed at professionals from very diverse sectors in particular: petrochemicals, transport, energy, nuclear, special machines, chemistry ... We put at your service the skills and experience of 'a team of professionals and the quality of our materials in order to meet your quality and speed constraints. SMEPI provides you with a complete offer including machining, prototyping, heat and surface treatment, choice of raw materials, assembly ... not to mention strict control of each part.

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