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Professional brass turning process

If you need the services of an expert in brass turning , do  call to SMEPI . Indeed, our company is specialized in the machining, the manufacture, and the maintenance of various parts for many years. We can therefore provide you with quality bar turning work, whatever the size and shape of the parts to be processed.  

What does brass bar turning consist of?

Brass bar turning is a complex process requiring the machining of a given part using suitable tools. This method also uses a machine called "automatic lathes" or "bar turning". It is a state-of-the-art equipment that only professionals like SMEPI can master.

Indeed, the parts produced are small, but extremely precise. The components are mostly 0.01 and 0.05 mm. It is therefore necessary to carry out a heat treatment for each element in order to have a dimension to the nearest millimeter. SMEPI will then readjust all the parts showing imperfections. Then, you have to go through a surface treatment on each of them. After following all these steps, they will be used in various sectors such as watchmaking, aeronautics, electronics, etc.  


Why use a professional?

Brass bar turning is a complex operation which requires not only perfect mastery of this technique, but also the use of specific machines such as bar turning machines or automatic lathes.

In addition, excellent knowledge of the different application sectors (nuclear, electronics, armaments, aerospace, aeronautics, automotive, etc.) and the use of finished products is also important.

Indeed, brass materials are mainly used in delicate fields such as precision mechanics. The shapes of these parts must be shaped with precision so that they adapt perfectly to the mechanisms on which they will be placed. To do this, only the intervention of an expert in machining mechanical parts and having the necessary equipment can ensure each manufacturing process to perfection.

He will also be able to guarantee the conformity of the parts created according to the technical characteristics corresponding to their use as well as the reliability, performance and longevity of each mechanical element. It is therefore strongly recommended to contact a company recognized for the quality of its achievements.

Brass, a practical and robust material

In high precision mechanics, parts are subjected to strong physical and chemical stresses. Indeed, they can be in contact with corrosive and aggressive products such as acid, fresh water or salt water. In addition, they can undergo enormous stresses not to mention the various speed movements they must perform or the friction to which they are subjected. The choice of the material to be used is therefore essential when manufacturing mechanical parts.

Thus, the use of a highly resistant material such as brass is recommended. The latter is very popular in precision mechanics and offers excellent characteristics. It is perfectly resistant to corrosion and guarantees good longevity. This material is also easy to machine and suitable for multiple applications. The brass transformed via bar turning is used, among other things, to make products dedicated to the field of watchmaking, locksmiths, valves, precision instruments, photo lenses, musical instruments, etc.

SMEPI, your brass bar turning company

There are currently no less than 905 companies in France involved in the turning of mechanical brass parts , including SMEPI, which stands out from the competition by its expertise and professionalism.

With more than 15 years of experience in the field of the design of parts for industrial use, our company has developed recognized know-how in precision industrial mechanics, particularly in rolled threading, deep drilling as well as spark erosion. . Moreover, our products are dedicated to various sectors of activity (aerospace, nuclear, medical, electronics, construction, household appliances, etc.) and are developed in accordance with your specifications, but above all in compliance with quality standards. In addition, we proceed to the study of your project, the supply of raw materials, the assembly, the production as well as the control of your parts.

Regarding the turning of brass parts, we guarantee great flexibility in terms of the quantities to be produced, from small to large series. We can even process unit orders or manufacture prototypes of your products according to your needs.


Why choose SMEPI?

For the machining of mechanical parts, whatever their size and format, SMEPI is the essential service provider to meet all specific needs. In the very specialized field of precision machining, we are capitalizing on its ten years of success, and we enjoy an excellent reputation on a national scale. Our components equip many firms belonging to multiple trades among others: chemistry, transport, nuclear, special machines, energy, petrochemicals ... In order to guarantee your satisfaction, SMEPI provides you with a personalized and complete offer including assembly, prototyping, heat and surface treatment, production, selection of raw materials ... not to mention strict control of each part. We put at your service the know-how and experience of a multidisciplinary team and the quality of the materials to meet your quality and deadline requirements.

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