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Flanges compliant with RCCM standards: call SMEPI 

Mechanical parts dedicated to high-tech industry are subject to various constraints and must therefore comply with strict quality and safety rules. As such, it is advisable to turn to experienced suppliers for the purchase of this kind of components. Specialized in the manufacture of RCCM flanges , SMEPI designs custom and high precision parts.

RCCM flanges: applications

Specific standards govern the manufacture of industrial mechanical parts. The RCCM code concerns mechanical equipment designed and manufactured for pressurized water reactors. Its scope covers nuclear pressure island equipment in safety classes 1, 2 or 3, those providing a containment, partitioning, guiding and securing function.

RCCM connection flanges are used in large diameter piping and piping systems subjected to high temperatures and pressures. Their manufacture follows strict standards and must meet the essential requirements of Directive 97/23 / EC, which applies to pressure equipment.

Generally, the assembly of piping systems undergoing high pressures and high temperatures is by a welded collar lap flange. This type of flange can be recognized by its collar and its smooth transition from the thickness of the flange to the thickness of the pipe wall. Particularly waterproof, it allows the stress to be transferred to the pipe, to reduce the stress at the base of the flange.

A subcontractor in precision mechanics, SMEPI manufactures mechanical parts and components intended for experimental reactors and meeting the safety and quality standards provided for by the RCC-MX code.

SMEPI, our expertise at your service

Meeting the stringent requirements of precision industrial mechanics requires a structured organization based on continuous improvement and compliance with Quality requirements. In this regard, SMEPI strives to continuously provide qualitative solutions adapted to the demands of its customers.  

In the manufacture of flanges, we have developed a refined expertise validated by several years of practice. All our elements are designed in strict compliance with standards and customer specifications. We thus guarantee the quality of our products, which also benefit from the international ISO-9001 certification.

In addition, a marking is made on each flange in order to facilitate the full traceability of the materials used for the rapid identification of the flange.

In addition to the flanges, we apply the same rigor to the manufacture of other spare parts for thermal, hydraulic, and nuclear power plants. In this area, our mastery of the RCC-M and ASME standards has been rewarded by obtaining qualification certificates: EDF / UTO, Westinghouse, Framatome and Emerson.


Specialist in precision mechanics, SMEPI manufactures and supplies all wearing and safety parts as well as specific mechanical assemblies or sub-assemblies for the civil nuclear, rail and aeronautical, defense and shipbuilding industries. .

SMEPI has 3 specificities which are:

  • Rolled threading and production of all types of threads,

  • Deep drilling without overturning,

  • Spark erosion and rectification.


Why choose SMEPI?

For the machining of mechanical parts, whatever their dimensions or shapes, SMEPI is the specialist to contact for all those who have specific needs. In the field of precision machining, we can justify ten years of success, we are recognized throughout France. Our achievements endow many companies belonging to different fields to mention only: transport, chemistry, petrochemicals, nuclear power, energy, special machines ... SMEPI provides you with complete services from study to heat and surface treatment through: assembly, heat and surface treatment such as zinc plating, chrome plating, bichromating, sulfinization, nitriding, nickel plating, Dacromet®, etc., prototyping, study, machining, selection of materials to use ... and finally, a rigorous control of each part.

Indeed, for the design of your parts, we proceed step by step. Upstream, our design office will analyze your project in depth. After having identified the customer's needs, we produce unit models before moving on to industrialization. Prototypes are necessary in particular for the manufacture of parts of specific and complex shape.

In terms of supply, we also have stocks of raw materials to ensure production and we work closely with many suppliers to source more scarce materials.

We can therefore take charge of the design and complete manufacture of your parts, in large, medium or small series. As for the assembly, we take care of all the operations. We also proceed, if necessary, to the purchase and management of parts related to these assemblies.

We put at your service the know-how and experience of a team of experts and the quality of our materials to guarantee our customers the quality of the products.

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