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SMEPI produces all industrial bolting parts according to the RCC-M manufacturing code

When intended for use in a sector as sensitive as nuclear, industrial bolting components must meet the most stringent quality standards. This is why at SMEPI , we are committed to producing bolting parts that comply with the RCC-M manufacturing code (Rules for the Design and Construction of Mechanical Equipment for Nuclear Islands), precisely for maximum performance and foolproof reliability.

The components of the bolts

The bolts are the assembly made up of the bolts and their accessories. Depending on the model, the bolt is formed by a screw with a partially or fully threaded shank and a nut.

The head of the screw is flat or hexagonal. The flat head may or may not have slots for unscrewing with a screwdriver. The hexagonal head is unscrewed with a wrench, just like the nut. It is possible to place a washer between the nut and the head (it is fixed on the head of the screw or mobile); it will then serve on the one hand to protect the fixing support and on the other hand to distribute the clamping in a balanced manner. Closing the space between the support and the screw using one or two washers is also possible.

The parts are made from different metals or metal alloys selected for their endurance to mechanical and chemical stresses. RCC-M bolts are therefore specifically designed for the needs of the nuclear industry.

The characteristics of RCC-M bolts

RCC-M bolts are manufactured in accordance with the RCC-M code (Rules for the design and construction of mechanical equipment for PWR nuclear islands). These rules are imposed to guarantee the quality and performance of the parts, and at the same time to ensure the safety of people and the environment, given the toxic and polluting nature of the elements handled in the nuclear sector.

Indeed, the mechanical elements in nuclear power plants are subjected to harsh conditions of use. They are subject to mechanical stresses such as thrusts, pressures, movements, various shocks and friction, not to mention chemical stresses, in particular in contact with toxic liquid or gaseous products, extreme temperatures, humidity or extreme dryness. The metals and metal alloys with which the parts are made are often subject to specific treatments to make them more solid, thus offering a longer lifespan.

Why buy directly from a bolt manufacturer who has mastered the RCC-M standard?

The search for precision mechanical parts intended for the nuclear industries can sometimes prove complicated, especially when it comes to bolting elements that comply with the RCC-M manufacturing code.

Indeed, to ensure the safety and performance of a construction or a mechanical system, the components must meet strict quality requirements, and thus be both robust (to avoid all risks) and durable. It is therefore not surprising that companies operating in the nuclear field call on the services of experts to design tailor-made bolts adapted to their needs.

In other words, buying directly from a specialized manufacturer allows you to benefit from products with superior quality and in compliance with the safety regulations in force.

SMEPI, manufacturer of parts for experienced industrial mechanics

For more than 15 years, SMEPI has supplied parts designed for use in harsh conditions to the mechanical and nuclear industries. Our know-how accumulated during our years of existence, and the mastery of precision technologies and their evolution have enabled us to gain the confidence of large companies such as Areva, EDF, SNCF or Alstom.

Our RCC-M bolting section designs and manufactures bolts in accordance with current safety standards. We create your parts according to your needs and the constraints and requirements of your business.

In regards to

On the precision machining industry, we have more than 10 years of successful experience, and we are known nationwide. For the machining of mechanical components, whatever their dimensions and formats, SMEPI is the reference able to ensure the development of your elements. Our machining company employs a highly qualified team and has a large stock of raw materials in order to offer you the quality of parts, speed and respect for deadlines. In order to respond effectively to your expectations, SMEPI will design a tailor-made and complete offer including: prototyping, assembly, study, selection of raw materials, heat and surface treatment, machining ... not to mention a severe check of the parts. Our achievements are intended for companies with very numerous technological needs, among others: petrochemicals, special machines, energy, chemicals, transport, nuclear power, etc.

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