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SMEPI, in-depth expertise in the design and manufacture of screw fasteners

Screw fasteners and special bolts are generally made and treated to measure when they are intended for specific applications. According to the specifications provided by the customer, SMEP Industries (SMEPI) carries out precision threading, machining and small series cutting of its fasteners.

Screw fasteners: manufacturing processes

As regards screw fasteners, dimensional standards and precise quality requirements must be observed. Screws are mainly characterized by the diameter and pitch of the thread.

The thread pitch refers to the distance in hundredths of a millimeter between two threads. Regarding the quality class of the screw, it is indicated on the product from a diameter greater than or equal to M5.

The realization of the threads of the screws requires different processes. Obtaining by removal of material consists in cutting the metal, in several successive passes, using a tool of greater hardness until the final shape is obtained by forming chips.

Furthermore, obtaining it by deformation will plastically modify the material until the desired shape is obtained. Other processes - obtaining by rolling, cold heading - can be used depending on the desired mechanical characteristics.

Once formed, the screw must still undergo a surface treatment which improves its appearance and its physicochemical properties. These treatments, which can be chemical, mechanical, physical or electrochemical, will make it possible to increase the life of the material while having a definite aesthetic function. To know the appropriate treatment, it is necessary to determine the characteristics of the fixation and especially its future functions.

Realization of screws: SMEPI's expertise

The machining of screw fasteners is a professional affair. A specialist in precision industrial mechanics, SMEPI can carry out the custom manufacture of your screws, bolts, studs, nuts, locknuts, washers and threaded rods.

Thanks to our expertise in this area and our state-of-the-art machine park, we are able to provide you with mechanical fasteners and special bolting solutions tailored to your needs.


To make your special screws, we use different processes:

  • Rolled and machined thread - Ø3 mm to Ø140mm

  • Deep drilling - Ø4 mm to Ø130mm

  • Spark erosion, grinding - Height 200mm: innovative machining process, spark erosion consists of removing material from a part using electric discharges. This technique makes it possible to machine all electrically conductive materials (metals, alloys, carbides, graphites, etc.), regardless of their hardness.

  • Machining, turning, milling in all types of grade

We also ensure the surface treatment of your screws using proven methods:

  • Hot dip galvanizing

  • Zinc / bichromate / degassed

  • Deltaprotekt

  • Xylan / Xylar

  • Pickling / passivation

  • Manganese phosphating

  • HARD chrome plating

  • Stanal 400


In addition to their aesthetic function, surface treatments improve the mechanical characteristics of the screw and strengthen its resistance to shocks, friction, temperatures, loads or even corrosion. Contact us or visit our website for more information.

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