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Special screws and bolts machining

The manufacture of special fasteners, screws and bolts requires the expertise of professionals who must master the various machining processes depending on the type and size of the screw. Specialist in precision industrial mechanics, SMEPI ensures the design and manufacture of your fastening and connecting parts, special screws and bolts according to a plan or a precise model: screws, nuts, pins, studs, washers, calipers, flanges and many others.

Manufacturer of screws and bolts Bolt on drawing

When intended for specific applications, bolt fasteners and bolts must be custom made from a specialist such as SMEPI . We design and manufacture special fasteners and fasteners for industries to meet their specific needs.

The machining of special screws requires a variety of processes, depending on the type, material and size of the screw. In addition, the manufacturer must be able to offer a competitive and quality solution, with a rapid turnaround. At SMEPI, we put at the service of the customer our know-how in machining of screws and special bolts according to the established specifications.

Our manufacturing processes

Forging is used for the manufacture of fasteners of large diameters and small series. Using high pressure, this process involves pressing metal into high strength parts called forgings. Forging makes it possible to produce fasteners with high precision and great resistance.

On the other hand, manufacturing by cold heading (deformation of materials in a few hundredths of a second) is preferred for large series screws with a diameter of 2 to 24. Finally, for the production of very small parts or parts. machined, we use the technique of bar turning (material removal).

Need high-performance fastening solutions? SMEPI can manufacture your made-to-measure fasteners. We can, depending on the qualities required, machine parts of screws and bolts offering high resistance to shearing, traction and compression.

High performance Bolt screws and bolts

Due to their critical function, mechanical fasteners must be manufactured through a rigorous process.

At SMEPI , we rely on our expertise in precision industrial mechanics as well as on a fleet of high-tech machines to provide you with mechanical fasteners and special bolting solutions.

Screws and bolts Bolt, CHC screws (Cylindrical / Countersunk), hexagonal head screws, bolts, studs, nuts, locknuts, washers, threaded rods: our teams of experts ensure the realization of your custom fastening and connecting elements as soon as possible. These parts can be machined in different grades: steel, stainless steel, alloys, etc.

Find in our online catalog a wide choice of mechanical parts and special screws and bolts for high-tech industries: aeronautics, nuclear, petrochemicals or even cosmetics.

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