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SMEPI has developed a sharp expertise in the threading of mechanical parts by cold rolling

The manufacture of precision mechanical parts involves various processes, including cold rolling threading . This technique consists of machining the metal without heating and with a minimum of chips. The method makes it possible to remarkably increase the mechanical resistance of the components and to obtain a clean surface. SMEPI is a company specializing in high precision machining and threading of mechanical parts.

A process that requires the know-how of a specialist

Cold rolling threading requires on the one hand machines adapted to the size of the parts to be designed, and on the other hand a good knowledge of the mechanical and chemical characteristics of the metals and alloys intended for their manufacture. It is useful to specify here that this technique, which consists in cold deforming the metal, can only be applied to materials having good elasticity. In addition, it is also necessary to be well aware of the various constraints to which the products will be exposed when they are used and to have suitable machines. The challenges of the quality and performance of the parts created therefore require the use of a machining specialist for cold rolling threading. The choice of service provider must also be made taking into consideration his experience in the field, and his reputation with those who have already used his services.

Principles and advantages of cold running

Cold rolling threading is the recommended machining process for round parts to achieve precision in accordance with DIN 69051. The fibers of the materials are deformed instead of cut, which gives the parts greater strength and durability. exceptional dimensional accuracy.

Technically, cold rolling is only applicable to sheets that experience compression between the rollers. But shapes like bars or tubes are stretched and not rolled. The cold rolling process is known to result in finer surfaces with tight tolerances, smooth surfaces that are often greasy to the touch, better concentric uniformity and good straightness.

In addition, cold rolling makes it possible to manufacture them faster and at lower cost. This is therefore the most cost-effective method for producing a large quantity of round parts.

To do this, we use a tool formed by two cylinders drawing the same profile as the part to be machined. This tool called “knurls” acts like a press by turning in the same direction. The part is then driven in rotation until the material conforms to the shape of the wheels.

  This process can be applied on various types of materials such as alloy and special steels, refractory steel, mild steels, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass and titanium. In any case, it is necessary that the characteristics of the material allow an elongation of at least 6% and having a tensile strength of the order of 1300 N / mm².

SMEPI, a trusted partner for the manufacture of your parts

SMEPI provides you with its know-how and experience in manufacturing parts using the cold rolling technique . We offer you a complete service including the design study of your parts, the development of prototypes, the purchase of raw materials, mass production and all the heat and surface treatments essential for their production (zinc plating, chrome plating, nickel plating ...). If your parts are part of an assembly or a sub-assembly, we can also ensure their assembly.

As all the mechanical parts that leave our manufacturing plant are subject to performance tests (mechanical tests, resilience, traction, load testing, etc.), we are able to guarantee the quality of our achievements. In addition, our quality department emphasizes the strict observance of the criteria of the ISO 9001 standard as well as the respect of the customer's specifications and specifications.

SMEPI makes it a point of honor to support the client in his own problems, notably via technical assistance at each stage of his project. Upstream, our design office supports you in the design of your part and brings you all its know-how. In addition, we can ensure the supply of materials, either by taking directly from our stocks, or by purchasing them from our suppliers for rarer materials. We accept high and low volume orders.

All this has earned us the trust of many demanding prime contractors such as Alstom, Areva, EDF, and SNCF. Indeed, as a specialist in security parts subject to the most severe constraints, SMEPI works for the energy, nuclear, transport and petrochemicals sector.

Who are we ?

In the extremely specialized field of precision machining, we have more than a decade of experience under our belt and we enjoy a solid reputation on a national scale. In terms of precision mechanics, in particular in the machining of all types of mechanical parts, SMEPI is the specialist if you have specific needs. We put at your service the know-how and experience of a team of professionals and guarantee the quality of raw materials.

Our products are aimed at a large number of companies with very varied technological issues, among others: petrochemicals, chemicals, transport, nuclear, special machines, energy, etc. SMEPI has all the key resources to assist you through all the stages of your project including: choice of materials to be used, prototyping, assembly, heat and surface treatment, study, production ... and finally, a severe check of each room.

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