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SMEPI, precision thread specialist

Threading is one of the most demanding machining techniques among manufacturing techniques. The intervention of a specialist is often essential to ensure compliance with standards and the quality of the parts produced. A specialist in precision industrial mechanics, SMEPI has developed fine expertise in rolled and machined threading , deep drilling and spark erosion.

Precision threading, a method with multiple advantages

Counted among the manufacturing processes of mechanical parts, precision threading is also one of those with the most advantages. It is a machining by mechanical deformation which makes it possible on the one hand to improve the mechanical performance of metals and alloys, and on the other hand an excellent surface rendering, in particular the cold rolling technique used by SMEPI. In addition, it is also one of the most economical processes in terms of raw materials since the latter are just deformed, there is no material shrinkage. The speed of the operation also saves considerable time for the creation of parts.

Specialized machining companies like SMEPI present themselves as the best option for all precision threading jobs. Equipped with dedicated machines, perfectly mastering all the processes and technical characteristics of the metals to be worked, they will be able to create your custom parts in accordance with your needs and the requirements of their future use.

Cold rolled thread for increased strength

Rolled threading is recognized as the best technique for obtaining stronger parts, as the hardness of the material increases by 30% after deformation. For this purpose, the machined part offers more tensile strength and supports heavier mechanical loads. The resistance to breakage and fatigue is also superior in cold running. Moreover, during machining, this type of threading is carried out without chips and makes it possible to obtain a “glossy” finish which better withstands oxidation while ensuring less mechanical friction with the nuts. In fact, the surface finish obtained by rolling is better compared to the results of other processes such as milling.

Thanks to the rolled thread, the material fibers do not undergo any breakage and the mechanical characteristics of the part are improved. The cold rolling process will also allow high precision (of the order of 0.01 mm on the sides) and to produce special non-standardized profiles. One of the characteristics of the rolled thread is to cause work hardening of the part. The surface hardness of the part increases up to 30% of its initial hardness. The part will then become more resistant at the bottom of the thread, usually the most fragile area and likely to initiate a break in traditional threads. The threaded part by rolling also tolerates higher mechanical loads and offers good resistance to heat treatments.  

As precision thread specialists, we master the different cold rolling methods using one or more rolls. We can thus produce all types of profiles ranging from the simplest to the most sophisticated: ISO profile, ball screw profile, round profile, trapezoidal profile, artillery profile and roller ball screw profile. In addition, to ensure that the parts comply with your specifications, we have equipped ourselves with high-performance control equipment.

Precision threading with SMEPI

Taking care to comply strictly with the specifications of our customers as well as the requirements of quality standards, we have been able to gain the trust of several renowned industries operating in cutting-edge sectors such as nuclear, energy, transport. , armaments, petrochemicals, etc. In addition to that, we do everything to deliver orders as soon as possible. Indeed, as the supply of raw materials is our responsibility, we have a large stock of standard and rare materials: stainless steels, bronze, alloy steels, cupro-aluminum, Inconel, Monel, Hastelloy.

In addition to precision threading , our team also has specific expertise in deep drilling and spark erosion. We can thus produce specific mechanical assemblies, rocker arm ball joints, bar turning parts as well as custom mechanical parts for special machines. By choosing SMEPI, you will benefit from a tailor-made service and a global service including the design of your part, the definition of the specifications, the production of your parts in medium or small series.

Trust SMEPI for your precision part machining needs

For the machining of all kinds of mechanical components, SMEPI is the specialist able to ensure the design of your elements. In the field of precision machining, we have more than a decade to our credit, we enjoy a solid reputation nationwide. We put at your service the skills and experience of a multidisciplinary team and the quality of our materials in order to ensure the quality of the parts, speed and respect of deadlines. SMEPI has all the necessary resources to assist you at each stage of your project from the study phase to heat and surface treatment, including prototyping, assembly, production, selection of materials to be used, heat and surface treatment ... as well as a strict verification of your parts. Our manufactured products are intended for companies from a wide variety of industrial branches, to name but a few: transport, petrochemicals, chemicals, nuclear power, special machines, energy, etc.

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