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SMEP Industries (SMEPI), recognized know-how in the manufacture of specific screws

When intended for specific applications, fasteners must be custom made. A specialist in precision threading, SMEP Industries designs and manufactures specific fastening solutions as well as mechanical assemblies or sub-assemblies according to plans.

Specific screws and technical fixings

For certain applications, the fixing and connecting elements - screws, studs, nuts, bolts - are not always available on the market, in particular when they are intended for specific uses and they must have particular technical characteristics. It then becomes necessary to have them made to measure from a specialist such as SMEPI.

Making specific screws cannot be improvised. Far from there. Real expertise and technical skills in this area are necessary. In addition, dimensional standards and precise quality requirements must be observed. Screws have a critical function on equipment and machines: failure in their resistance to tightening, temperature or corrosion can have disastrous consequences.

How are special screws made and what are their characteristics? To be accepted in demanding environments, specific screws must meet very specific physical and mechanical characteristics. The shape, diameter, thread, quality class and standard are all parameters that will determine the function and mechanical properties of the screw.

As regards the manufacturing processes, these call on various techniques.

  • Obtaining by deformation: process aimed at plastically deforming the material until the desired shape is obtained.

  • Obtaining by removing material: consists of cutting the metal, in several successive passes, using a tool of greater hardness until the final shape is obtained by tearing of material

  • Forging: for large diameter screws and small series

  • Rolling: process for forming the threaded part of a screw.

  • Cold heading, etc.


Surface treatments

Without a surface treatment, a piece of fasteners would be quickly attacked by corrosion and would not resist impact for long. The surface treatment consists in adding a coating which will improve the appearance or the physical properties of the screw and thus allow its adaptation to specific conditions of use.

Phosphating, electro zinc plating, alkaline degreasing, cadmium plating, nickel plating… To know the appropriate treatment, it is necessary to determine the characteristics of the fixing and especially its future functions.

A specialist in precision industrial mechanics, SMEPI can ensure the custom manufacture of your specific screws , bolts, studs, nuts, locknuts, washers and threaded rods. Thanks to our expertise and a fleet of high-tech machines, we are able to provide you with solutions for mechanical screws and special bolts in small or medium series.

Our areas of expertise relate to spark erosion, rolled threading as well as deep drilling. However, we also master the field of machining special screws according to a plan or precise specifications. Contact us .

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