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Machining precision parts for industrial use: call a specialist

The manufacture or machining of precision parts is an operation which requires specific know-how and equipment. Going to a professional is therefore the most practical option to be sure to benefit from the elements that will meet your exact needs. Especially if you work in sensitive areas. SMEPI is the specialist in the design of safety, fixing, wear and precision parts for the mechanical and nuclear industries, including transport and petrochemicals, etc.


What is precision part machining?

The machining of precision parts is an activity reserved for companies and specialized workshops. As indicated by the qualifier "precision", the elements to be created must be perfectly adapted to the needs and requirements of their future use. In most cases, these are parts intended for fixing, serving as an axis or even ensuring securing in a mechanical system: the precision of their movements or their size is therefore essential. Precision is also essential in their manufacture to ensure their performance and reliability once in place and in use.

Precision machining work cannot be entrusted to non-specialists given the challenges of the quality of the parts. In addition to the meticulousness with which the design and production operations must be subject, the choice and the preliminary treatment of the materials in which the elements are also not to be neglected. It is therefore important to contact a professional who has the necessary equipment and machines, and who has proven expertise in this area.

For 20 years now, SMEPI has been serving cutting-edge industries for the creation of precision mechanical parts in metal and various metal alloys. We put our experience and know-how at your disposal for any project concerning the manufacture of elements that can meet your exact needs.

How is precision machining carried out?

In certain sectors such as watchmaking, electronics, armaments, aeronautics or even the automobile industry, it is often necessary to use very small mechanical parts with fairly complex profiles. These have a very low tolerance and must be highly precise. The one and only process for making such products is precision machining . It is a set of techniques whose principle is based on the removal of material and which makes it possible to transform a raw material into a part with specific shapes and dimensions.

Precision machining is carried out in strict compliance with a plan comprising a dimension which aims to determine the specificities of the part to be worked: precision, dimensions, shapes, surface condition, geometry, etc. After having defined the plan , the manufacturer must choose a machining technique. He has the choice between bar turning, boring, cutting, EDM machining, ultrasonic machining, electrochemical machining, shot blasting and many more. Among the methods available, rolled threading represents a reliable and inexpensive means that gives high quality results.

For the manufacture of the mechanical parts proper, he can opt for conventional lathes or for numerically controlled machine tools allowing to work a plethora of curved surfaces. Precision machining can also be performed at high speed or in a conventional manner.

Why call on a precision machining expert?

Precision machining aims to create mechanical parts whose technical characteristics will exactly meet the needs of their future use. The dimensions, chemical and mechanical specificities of the elements to be manufactured must be perfectly adapted to the constraints (physical, mechanical, atmospheric, environmental, etc.) to which they will be subjected. A professional expert in the field will be your best asset if you want to ensure the success of the design and production of your parts. Depending on your expectations and the requirements of your sector of activity, he will be able to offer you the materials and machining methods that can meet them.

SMEPI, an expert in precision mechanics

For ten years now, our SMEPI company has offered unrivaled expertise in industrial precision mechanics. We have the human and material resources necessary to support the manufacture of mechanical assemblies and subassemblies as well as safety and wear parts. We always work in accordance with customer requirements, recorded in specifications.

We can offer you complete services ranging from the study of your project, through the development of prototypes to production work, selection of materials, assembly, control ... Today, leader in precision machining sector, we have acquired the confidence of the largest companies in France and throughout Europe, to name only SNCF, EDF, Alstom and Areva.


SMEPI, the benchmark in mechanical parts machining

For the machining of large, medium and small mechanical parts and shapes, SMEPI is the essential service provider able to carry out the development of your elements. In the highly specialized field of precision machining, we are capitalizing on ten years of successful experience, thus enjoying a solid reputation nationwide. Our machining company trusts a competent and experienced team and has a large stock of raw materials to offer you the quality of parts, speed and respect for deadlines. Our machined components equip a large number of companies with extremely numerous technological problems, among others: nuclear, petrochemicals, energy, chemicals, transport, special machines, etc. SMEPI has all the necessary resources to assist you at each stage of your project from the study to the heat and surface treatment, including: prototyping, assembly, study, heat and surface treatment, production, selection of materials to be used ... without forgetting a rigorous verification of each part.

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