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The Quality approach that we put in place involves a constant motivation of everything  the staff.

It's a real way of life.

In addition to our customer qualifications / accreditations, SMEPI is a member of the various nuclear associations:

The Documention

Through its mastery of the RCC-M code, its document management and its quality processes, SMEPI  has been able to position itself as one of the major players in the energy sector in France and in particular in the nuclear sector.

We are able to provide you with the traceability of your parts upon prior written request, according to your requirements.  :

  • CCPU3.1

  • Quality plan

  • End of production report (RFF).

The traceability documents are  archives  according to  the conditions of our procedure 1.2.6 and can be consulted  in our premises on written request.


ISO 9001 V2015 certified,  SMEPI is committed according to  contractual requirements, to ensure perfect traceability of its manufacturing files  : from the origin of the raw material, to the declaration of conformity of the part, including the calibration certificate of the measuring means.

Each customer has a single point of contact, who takes care of the follow-up of his  orders from  launch  in production up to  delivery of  parts on site.

To do so, management is carried out through a Clipper CAPM system (integrated management software).

Quality control in the service of safety / security

Aware of the security challenges linked to the fields of application of its customers 'parts (nuclear power station, thermal power station, amusement park, etc.), SMEPI undertakes to provide services in accordance with its customers' requirements and to meet security requirements and reliability.

Its staff therefore regularly participate in training sessions on the subject of safety and security.

Our company has a control room in a controlled atmosphere at a temperature of 20 ° C, equipped with multiple measuring devices (ROMER arm, Contourograph, Magnetic particle test bench, Mass spectrometer, etc.).

This room allows in particular the performance of inspection / acceptance, in the presence of our customers, in order to validate a manufacturing step, as required by the reference system for certain parts (RCC-M).

In accordance with customer specifications, many checks are carried out internally. Non-destructive tests are carried out by certified COFREND I and II personnel.

  • Dimensional and Visual Control

  • Chemical analysis

  • Hardness test

  • Resilience test

  • Proof Load Test

  • Review by Ultra-Sons

  • Penetrant examination

  • Magnetic particle examination


Our machined parts are systematically controlled (1st part control + control during production) by our quality department. The metrology of our measuring instruments is monitored via dedicated Gessica software.

Calibration campaigns are carried out on a regular basis through skills and experience  of COFRAC accredited laboratories.

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