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Entrust the machining of mechanical parts for the chemical industry to an expert

Machining parts for the chemical industry is an operation that requires specific skills and knowledge. This is why it is essential to entrust this task to experts. SMEPI is a manufacturer and supplier of mechanical components for high-tech and delicate sectors such as chemicals, petrochemicals, energy, nuclear, aeronautics and railways, etc. for two decades.

Why resort to a specialist in precision industrial mechanics?

The many mechanical and chemical constraints to which mechanical parts intended for machinery and equipment in the chemical industries require meticulous attention in their design and manufacture. It is not only a question of ensuring the conformity of the parts with the various safety standards required by the legislation, and which can vary according to the activities of the company, but also of ensuring the performance of the machines. In addition, the safety of people and the environment are also factors that should not be neglected: a malfunction of the systems causing an accident can be fatal to the operators present.

Given the challenges relating to the performance and reliability of chemical parts, their machining requires the expertise of a professional and suitable machines. A specialized company will already have the human, technical and material resources to carry out this operation in the rules of the art and is your best asset to guarantee the quality of your parts.

In the business of manufacturing mechanical components for industrial use since 2001, SMEPI is a benchmark partner for the design and production of parts intended for use in difficult conditions. Our many years of experience in the field allow us to provide services that meet the expectations of our customers.

Mechanical parts exposed to severe stresses

The structures and materials used in industrial chemistry are subject to extreme constraints linked to the use of aggressive substances for the materials. The treatment of chemicals implies that the materials are subjected to very high temperatures or on the contrary very low, more a good number of chemical compounds have very intense corrosive and abrasive properties.

Under these conditions of use, the resistance of the structures (in particular metal) is a guarantee of their correct functioning. More particularly, safety and wear parts are at the center of concerns in order to limit risks of all kinds. Thus, the machining of these elements for use in chemistry requires uncompromising rigor over the entire manufacturing process.

SMEPI perfectly masters the issues of the quality and performance of safety, wear and precision parts used in the chemical industries and other delicate sectors. We deploy all the technical and material means required for the design and manufacture of the pieces whose creation is entrusted to us. We also pay particular attention to the  traceability, quality / safety controls and the manufacturing process of our achievements.

The chemical and petrochemical industries trust us

For a decade, SMEPI has specialized in custom machining of parts for precision industrial mechanics and in particular the most demanding sectors such as chemicals and petrochemicals, energy, transport and nuclear.

  We carry out all of our customers' orders, from design to inspection and testing. In fact, in order to be able to meet the agreed deadlines and ensure the quality of the parts, we take charge of the entire subcontracting chain: studies, manufacture of prototypes before production, supply of raw materials, production in medium or small series, assembly, heat and surface treatments.

Regarding the safety and wear elements intended for chemicals, the choice of raw materials is essential and SMEPI makes sure to always have a quality stock or direct access to the rarest materials. Before being delivered, the machined parts are subjected to destructive and non-destructive tests, which allows us to test both their mechanical resilience and their chemical and thermal resistance.  

The chemical and petrochemical industries therefore take full advantage of the manufacturing processes whose quality is certified according to the ISO 9001 standard. Moreover, our skills in rolled threading or in electroerosion are recognized and appreciated by the most demanding large firms. . Beyond the manufacture of your parts, we also offer personalized follow-up and support in order to best meet your needs.   

For parts whose installation on mechanical assemblies or industrial installations can be complex, we can intervene on your sites to carry out the installation.

Trust SMEPI for any intervention on precision parts

For the machining of your mechanical parts SMEPI is the reference able to carry out the design of your elements. In the very specialized field of precision machining, we have more than a decade of success, we have succeeded in building an enviable reputation in the four corners of France. Our achievements are requested by companies belonging to many fields, in particular: special machines, chemistry, petrochemicals, energy, transport, nuclear, etc. SMEPI brings you turnkey solutions from study to heat and surface treatment, including: prototyping, selection of materials to be used, study, heat and surface treatment, machining, assembly ... and finally, strict control of your parts. We rely on a team of professionals and a substantial reserve of raw materials always available to offer you product quality, speed and respect for deadlines.

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