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SMEPI is a recognized actor in the Energy sector.

We manufacture spare parts for thermal, hydraulic and nuclear power plants, meeting the requirements of major contractors such as EDF, Framatome, Alstom GE, etc.

Our knowledge of energy sector benchmarks such as the RCC-M has been rewarded by obtaining customer qualifications: EDF-UTO, Framatome but also by obtaining ISO 19443 certification.

Material inventory

SMEPI has a large stock of steel, stainless steel and alloys with high mechanical properties to meet the most stringent requirements of the energy sector.



Our stock of materials, the diversity of our machining resources, the versatility and experience of our operators allow us to respond to site emergencies in the context of maintenance operations.


Diversity of machining means

SMEPI has a very diversified machine park ensuring total independence.
In addition to the so-called “current” machining means, turning, milling, drilling, we have means for deep drilling, rolling, wire cutting, spark erosion, etc.


NDT control

In addition to traditional means of control, SMEPI has a three-dimensional measuring machine integrated into production, a magnetic particle testing and penetrant testing bench with COFREND 2 personnel.

Some achievements

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